Apr 10

Duck Life Space

Have you ever thought about life a duck leads in space? What would duck life be like in space? The environment will be completely different and all the things you see will be unique and rare which you have never seen before. Get ready to have the best galactic adventure in the world. Enjoy the most peaceful day ever with all the fame and fortune there is all around the world where the duck is the only racing champion. The game Duck Life Space (aka Duck Life 6) is full of unpredictable events and as can be assumed, suddenly, a wormhole materializes in the sky and in the middle of the sky an evil looking alien duck appears.

The duck is fond of bullying and is rather wicked so it no doubt that it will steal your hard-earned champion crown without any hesitation and immediately will fly off into space without leaving any trace behind. You are in trouble now and only you can think of a way to solve this issue and get it back as soon as possible.

In case you want to succeed in the game, and of course you want it, you can start trainings in running, flying, swimming, climbing, jumping and intelligence as well as you will need this skill in order to get back your crown which someone stole from you. Take your time to explore quite different exotic worlds in order to find new training games or maybe duck aliens to race. You always have the chance of getting in duck racing tournament as you might win a trip to another planet and this way get one step closer to your greatest goal ever.

The creators of the game have thought of a way to help you overcome the feeling of loneliness. Who said you are alone in this world? Nobody. You are not necessarily alone to get your crown back alone. Any time you are free to enter a shop and buy new partners for your duck racing team by making it way stronger and irresistible. Just like in Duck Life 5, you can buy clothes and accessories for your ducks or create and try our new hairstyles so that your ducks become the most stylish champions around.


What will be offered to you in this game?

To explore 6 quite different planets with their own species of alien ducks that are unique with their looks and actions. None is similar to the other. Creativity is put on every particle of the game. There are more than 30 different races you can enter and explore as many things as possible. Everywhere you will find something new as the creators of the game have paid a meticulous attention to every single detail in the game. You will be able to learn 6 quite different skills in the 24 mini games available as a training course for them to advance through the game.

Be creative and customize the ducks of the game with different kinds of hats, hairstyles, clothes and paints. Every single accessory can change the look and add uniqueness to the ducks performing in the game. The characters are adorable and cute and the outstanding graphics are worth seeing and admiring with addition to the captivating music accompanying the game and making it even more attractive and engaging.

Feb 18

Bubble Shooter

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter  is one of the early games in computer history. As time passed by, the game had different versions and different titles or names.

Bubble Shooter is a simple game of bubble shooting. You will shoot the bubble into the board, aiming as much as possible to a same color bubble. If you happen to group at least three bubbles of the same color, they will pop out. If there are any other color bubbles dependent on them, they will all pop out too. The more bubbles of the same color you pop out at the same time, the higher your score will be.

Bubble Shooter Games (5)

Your main goal in Bubble Shooter which you will find in kizi, friv, plimpi or any other popular gaming website,  is to clear the board of all the bubbles. It is also your goal to not let the bubbles touch the floor of the board. One other goal is to score as high as possible before it is game over.

Aside from seeing the color of the bubble you are about to shoot, you will also see the color of the next bubble you will be shooting at the bubble indicator which you will find at the bottom left of the screen. Beside the bubble indicator are silver bubbles. It signifies the number of times you may shoot without popping out balls. When you consume all silver balls, a line of bubbles will add up from the top when you shoot a bubble without popping out bubbles. Take note that when the last bubbles reached the floor of the board, the game will be over.

Bubble Shooter is a challenging match three game where you do not need to think hard. You will enjoy as you play and not be stressed at all.

Nov 13

Play Vex 1

If you are looking for a challenging skill game which you can play online, be one of the millions of players of Vex. It is one of the most successful adventure skill games online. See how much time you will be able to pass each and every Act.


In playing Vex 1, you start with the Tutorial Stage. Said stage serves as an introduction to the gameplay. In this stage, you will also learn how to control the stick figure. You will be familiarized with the controls used in the game. And you will also be taught on how to do some actions like jumping up on high walls and passing through narrow ways.

The Tutorial Stage is followed by eight challenging Acts. Levels in Vex are called Acts. In each Act, your goal is to find the exit door of the Act. However, the way to the exit door is not that safe. Highly dangerous and deadly obstacles are scattered through your way. Make sure not to touch them for they will kill you instantly. Fortunately for you if you have passed through a checkpoint. When you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed through or to the beginning of the Act. Checkpoints are those little flags you will be seeing along your way.

Another mode to play Vex 1 is the Stage Builder mode. In this mode, you get the chance to construct your own Act. However, you have to play the pre-developed game first to unlock building packs which you will use in building your very own stage. The more building packs you unlock, the more tools you can use. Simply finish the pre-developed game to unlock all building packs. Once you are done with the construction of your own stage, you can share it with your friends by sending them the code, or you can email it to the game developers so it can be include in the Vex community. The Vex community is the collection of stages constructed by players all over the world.

Aug 17

Create a formidable team and defensive plot in Kingdom Rush 2

Are you looking for something great when it comes to the gaming world? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested in the flash game featured in this very article that you are scanning at the moment. The name of the game is Kingdom Rush 2. This is actually the second edition or installment from the game series called Kingdome Rush which is created and developed by Ironhide Game Studios. It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2011.

The situation in this game is that the King has heard rumors of invasion. You will be assigned the knight who will lead the defensive and offensive department of the Kingdom. You will have to build walls and barracks for defense. You will have to train troops for offense. You will be successful in this game if you are able to unleash great tactics and strategy. The keys to your success are great planning and recruitment of troops as well as establishing effective defensive plot.

Kingdom rush 2 (4)

Aug 02

Be creative and strategically skilled in Draw Play 3

Draw Play 3 is the third installment from the flash game series called Draw Play. This is one of the thousands of games existing online which is about creativity and arts. There are two reasons why they exist. First is because of the learnings that they can provide or offer to many gamers around the world. Second is because of the venue or medium that they bring to gamers who are artistic and creative at the same time.


Since this is already the third installment, you can expect for greater entertainment and tougher challenge ahead. Your mission in this creative game is to get your character pass through the obstacles and reach the flag at the end of each level. The toughest part would be the progressive levels which means that each level has different set up and as you go further, the obstacles are tougher to overcome. Make sure that you are creative and strategic to win.

Jul 30

Learn different colors and shapes in Cake Mania 3

Ever dreamt of baking a cake for everybody? Now you can, in Cake Mania 3 you will be serving hungry customers that have a sweet tooth. Work as fast as you can in the kitchen so you can earn money for more equipment, upgrade the shop and ultimately bring back Jill’s grandparents cake shop. Help Jill to cook the best cake in the town.

You will start off baking cakes in Jill’s house until you expand and move on to a bigger building. You can control Jill by using only the mouse. Click on the things that she needs to do and she will do the rest. Earn cash to upgrade the shop so that as more customer come to your shop, you can still keep up and not make the customers wait for too long. The longer time for you to give a customer’s order, the less tip he will give to you, so you better pick up the pace, and get those rolling pins and oven cooking. There are some items or decorations that you can buy for the shop to lengthen the time a customer can wait. There are also things that can go south in the kitchen, baking a cake while another one is still in the cooling table can make a conflict, the first will be thrown out and that will be a deduction to the cash you earn. Stages are labeled as months so you will be working throughout the year with different customers from the respective celebrations for each month.

Cake Mania 3 (2)

Cake Mania is fun and educational for kids that are into cooking, the cake orders are classified on their shape and icing color. Youngsters can develop their skill in color and shape recognition as well as their hand and eye coordination. With Cake Mania 3 you can encourage your kids to study and learn while you get the chance to bond and have fun with them.

Jul 19

Orcs are on the attack, Snipe their heads off in Horde Siege

Defend the castle at all cost! Not even a single orc shall pass you and get to the gate in Horde Siege. Showcase your skills in bow and arrow, as well in decision making. Steady your hand and anticipate where your enemy will be after taking a couple of steps. Reinforcements will come after 25 days, but you must defend the castle until they arrive. Hordes of orc will try to take down the castle gate, you will be sniping them one by one before they can even come close. Hold the left click to draw an arrow, and release it to fire.

Since every orc is moving you will need to fire it in a spot where they will be after a few seconds. There are orcs that are heavily armored and those who run very fast. You need to create your own technique to easily eliminate them. There are also battering rams and explosive carts that you must need to neutralize as they can deal critical damage to the gate. Upgrade your weapons and there are also other add-ons that can help you defend the gate like an arrow shower or a catapult fire. Horde siege is one action game that will really get you addicted. Save your progress and load it again if you are having difficulty or have short amount of gaming time.

Horde Siege (4)

Jul 11

Lead the monkeys in Bloons Monkey City

Lead a group of monkeys to win a war against Bloons that are trying to occupy all the land. In Bloons Monkey City, you will expand your city, build different buildings and train monkeys to fight for you. Will you win against the Bloons? Or fail the monkeys and make the Bloons keep the world under them?

You play as the leader of the monkeys and you decide where to attack next and where to expand the city. In attacking, you are actually defending, the gameplay is like a tower-defense, wherein waves of enemies are aiming to a certain point, failing to do so, may cause you a life, let too many get through and you fail the mission. You will post some monkeys over the course that will pop those Bloons out before they can reach their end point. You need to place the monkeys strategically, where they can be effective and fully utilize their range. Misplacing a monkey can cost you a whole mission and the land where you plan to expand. After a successful attack, your city will expand, 1 tile, this will enable you to build a new building. Keep attacking, expanding and building your city until you push away all of Bloons in the area. As you go on in expanding your city, you will encounter stronger and faster Bloons, so you must also upgrade and train other monkey units to be prepared.

Bloons Monkey City (3)

You also need to login before you can play the game, of course this is a long strategy based game and you need an account to save your progress. There is also a chat box in the game where you can ask other players about things in the game or tips on how to expand your city fast. After a few hours playing Bloons Monkey City, you will definitely get addicted and will always be on hunt mode for those Bloons.

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