Oct 09

A Funny Game-Kingdom Rush Games


The Kingdom Rush Games replication war games full of thrills and adventures. In these flash games the gamer is the sole hero who is the one and only hope for the people of the kingdom whom they depend on through. Check the game at http://www.kingdomrush3.org/kingdom-rush-games. You will have to save their kingdom from the bitter enemies. The graphic designs, sound effects everything is very amazing in the game.
The Kingdom Rush Games series is of four amazing installments as follows as Kingdom Rush 1, Kingdom Rush 2 Kingdom Rush 3, and Kingdom Rush 4. Every single series has been designed for the gamers amazing and funny. In the unique version of the Kingdom Rush 1 your role as a mighty soldier who has been nominated by the king to protect the path guiding toward the kingdom from the bitter and well-armored enemies. In Kingdom rush 2; you have to face supernatural Orcs. In Kingdom Rush 4 your role is not to protect your castle’s walls only, but to march and crush the enemy’s empire also.

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