Sep 18

Adventurous Hambo Game- Face the Challenges


Adventurous game lovers will like to play Hambo game as it is full of challenges. Click here to play the game.
Hambo Game has a nice storyline. In the game, best pork friends Hambo and Bacon were captured by a cop in Vietnam. Somehow, Hambo managed to escape but Bacon was still captured. So, Hambo starts his journey to save Bacon from the enemy. The aim of the game is to kill your enemy. You have to complete 36 levels where you will face different kinds of obstacles and challenges. You will have option to select your weapons. You will get 6 weapons. Carefully shoot the target. At first 3 levels will be unlocked. After completing these levels you will be able to unlock another one. If you are able to kill enemies with certain conditions you will achieve gold standard.
In every stage you will find new challenges. Try this amazing game now!

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