Oct 29

Be the best leader in Feudalism 1


Feudalism 1 is the first offering of the game series called Feudalism. This is about invading and exploring certain places by means of action and precise violence. This game is perfect for someone who are looking for complex plot or story as well as numerous characters to deal with. This also requires strategy and precise action or execution to be successful in the game. For more details about this exciting game, please rely on the next paragraph.

Feudalism 1 (4)

The player will act like the leader of the pact and will instruct or demand tasks to his troops at certain instances. The mission is to get treasure and precious objects at each place you will be going. There are times where you can talk to some characters in a calm way and sometimes, there are really rude ones which will make you mad and ask for a war. Try to win all the battles, help your troops heal and gather lots of weapons as much as possible. If you are excited to play this game, just search for www.feudalism3.org/feudalism-1 online.

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