Sep 24

Bloons 4: Don’t Let Them Get Away!


This is a very fun game where you need to defend your tower from the invasion of balloons! Actually in Bloons 4 you have to prevent balloons form reaching the exit. So what you need to do is to place your base wherever you want and shoot all the balloons coming at you. The game has very simple graphics, as well as the controls. You will control your base and shoot with clicking your mouse. But don’t think it is so easy to complete the game. Some of the balloons have some special powers and are hard to destroy. For example, blue balloons are very fast and they can easily get away. So you need to be very skillful in the later phases of the game, because it will get quite hard. But as you destroy balloons and progress in the game, you will get some items that may help you. If you like it so far, click to find out more!

Bloons 4 (4)

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