Feb 18

Bubble Shooter


The gameplay of Bubble Shooter  is one of the early games in computer history. As time passed by, the game had different versions and different titles or names.

Bubble Shooter is a simple game of bubble shooting. You will shoot the bubble into the board, aiming as much as possible to a same color bubble. If you happen to group at least three bubbles of the same color, they will pop out. If there are any other color bubbles dependent on them, they will all pop out too. The more bubbles of the same color you pop out at the same time, the higher your score will be.

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Your main goal in Bubble Shooter which you will find in kizi, friv, plimpi or any other popular gaming website,  is to clear the board of all the bubbles. It is also your goal to not let the bubbles touch the floor of the board. One other goal is to score as high as possible before it is game over.

Aside from seeing the color of the bubble you are about to shoot, you will also see the color of the next bubble you will be shooting at the bubble indicator which you will find at the bottom left of the screen. Beside the bubble indicator are silver bubbles. It signifies the number of times you may shoot without popping out balls. When you consume all silver balls, a line of bubbles will add up from the top when you shoot a bubble without popping out bubbles. Take note that when the last bubbles reached the floor of the board, the game will be over.

Bubble Shooter is a challenging match three game where you do not need to think hard. You will enjoy as you play and not be stressed at all.

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