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Apr 10

Duck Life Space


Have you ever thought about life a duck leads in space? What would duck life be like in space? The environment will be completely different and all the things you see will be unique and rare which you have never seen before. Get ready to have the best galactic adventure in the world. Enjoy the …

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Feb 18

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Games (5)

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter  is one of the early games in computer history. As time passed by, the game had different versions and different titles or names. Bubble Shooter is a simple game of bubble shooting. You will shoot the bubble into the board, aiming as much as possible to a same color bubble. …

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Nov 13

Play Vex 1


If you are looking for a challenging skill game which you can play online, be one of the millions of players of Vex. It is one of the most successful adventure skill games online. See how much time you will be able to pass each and every Act. In playing Vex 1, you start with …

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Aug 17

Create a formidable team and defensive plot in Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom rush 2 (4)

Are you looking for something great when it comes to the gaming world? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested in the flash game featured in this very article that you are scanning at the moment. The name of the game is Kingdom Rush 2. This is actually the second …

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Aug 02

Be creative and strategically skilled in Draw Play 3


Draw Play 3 is the third installment from the flash game series called Draw Play. This is one of the thousands of games existing online which is about creativity and arts. There are two reasons why they exist. First is because of the learnings that they can provide or offer to many gamers around the …

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Jul 30

Learn different colors and shapes in Cake Mania 3

Cake Mania 3 (2)

Ever dreamt of baking a cake for everybody? Now you can, in Cake Mania 3 you will be serving hungry customers that have a sweet tooth. Work as fast as you can in the kitchen so you can earn money for more equipment, upgrade the shop and ultimately bring back Jill’s grandparents cake shop. Help …

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Jul 19

Orcs are on the attack, Snipe their heads off in Horde Siege

Horde Siege (4)

Defend the castle at all cost! Not even a single orc shall pass you and get to the gate in Horde Siege. Showcase your skills in bow and arrow, as well in decision making. Steady your hand and anticipate where your enemy will be after taking a couple of steps. Reinforcements will come after 25 …

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Jul 11

Lead the monkeys in Bloons Monkey City

Bloons Monkey City (3)

Lead a group of monkeys to win a war against Bloons that are trying to occupy all the land. In Bloons Monkey City, you will expand your city, build different buildings and train monkeys to fight for you. Will you win against the Bloons? Or fail the monkeys and make the Bloons keep the world …

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