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Jul 08

Kill the attacking dragons in Dragon Slayers 2


Dragons are legendary creatures, depicted as scaly and fire-spewing reptilians with serpentine and avian traits. A lot of movies, cartoons and games were created featuring them in different aspects. Some depicts them to be vicious and wild. Others show they can be tamed and be a friend to humans. In the game Dragon Slayers 2, …

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Jun 25

Survive the zombie apocalypse in Earn to Die 4


Are you looking for a game that consists zombies, cars, weapons and virtual money? If yes, then the game you are looking for is right here in this page. It is called Earn to Die 4. This is the fourth version or installment from the flash game series called Earn to Die. This edition is …

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Jun 14

Be the defender or offender in Man or Monster

maxresdefault (1)

Do you have an idea what Man or Monster is? If not, then you are fortunate enough to be reading this article because it exactly presents certain details about the mentioned games. Man or Monster is a flash game that involves a lot of shooting action and weapons with an extraordinary gameplay. But before we …

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Jun 04

Engage with the difficulty brought by The Worlds Hardest Game


They say that if you are able to hurdle the hardest thing in life, you are considered as a survivor. It is definitely true because you will not be able to survive anything if you didn’t give your best to hurdle the hardest part of everything. But this is quite tough to accomplish in the …

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May 20

Capture the opponents’ barracks in Clone Wars


Clone Wars is a flash game about war and action. This has been serving great and exciting entertainment since 2008. It is created and developed by Elite Games. There are three things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the graphics and designs that are appealing, attractive and fit to the …

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May 10

A game made available in different gadgets with Red Remover App


Red Remover App is a new edition from the game series called Red Remover. Do you have an idea why it is called Red Remover App? The reason is because of the fact that it is now made available in different gadgets such as Ipad, Ipod and other Android gadgets. There are two great things …

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Apr 30

Build powerful defense and create formidable troops in Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom rush 2 (4)

Kingdom Rush 2 is the second edition from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is created and developed by Ironhide Game Studios. It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2011. This game is already the second installment which means that this is the one that will continue the story and game play that the …

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Apr 20

Unleash your out of this world creativity in Create a Monster

Create A Monster

Do you believe in monsters? Have you seen one before? If not, then it is fine. Monsters are considered fictional in the sense that they are not proven to be existing. There are pictures and videos existing featuring creatures that are like monsters but most of them are proven to be fake or unreal. Nevertheless, …

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