Jan 14

Codes that will Make Sniper Assassin Easier


Sniper Assassin is a game that is full of challenges. Every moment you have to face different critical situations and if you are a very new player, then it will frustrate you at certain point. As it is boring to stick in a particular situation for a long time. That’s why cheat codes has been released. By using them you can easily go to another level. You can click here to be introduced with them.
Sniper Assassin is a game where you have to find the murderer. To get him you need to clear 14 levels. To clear each level you need to use different codes. For level one, you need to use WATCHED whereas for level two you need to use RENDEVEOUS. Like that, for each level, you have to these codes. Remember, using this codes will make the game boring but it will help to develop your skill.

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