Oct 09

Crash them all in Smash Palace


Are you a racing fan? Do you like playing action games? Then try playing Smash Palace and feel the fun. If other racing games prohibit you from crashing, here all you have to do is crash and smash everything. You earn points by wrecking other cars. Your goal is to destroy all the cars in the arena but at the same time avoid being wrecked. You do not have to worry crashing as long as you are not the one being crashed into. But also watch out for the rolling giant ball.


Pave your way to be a pro from being a rookie. Smash Palace is an addicting action game. You control your car by the arrow keys. Earn as much cash as you can while smashing and wrecking other cars. No extra guns, just crash. Upgrade your car to the fullest for better chances of surviving.

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