Aug 17

Create a formidable team and defensive plot in Kingdom Rush 2


Are you looking for something great when it comes to the gaming world? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested in the flash game featured in this very article that you are scanning at the moment. The name of the game is Kingdom Rush 2. This is actually the second edition or installment from the game series called Kingdome Rush which is created and developed by Ironhide Game Studios. It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2011.

The situation in this game is that the King has heard rumors of invasion. You will be assigned the knight who will lead the defensive and offensive department of the Kingdom. You will have to build walls and barracks for defense. You will have to train troops for offense. You will be successful in this game if you are able to unleash great tactics and strategy. The keys to your success are great planning and recruitment of troops as well as establishing effective defensive plot.

Kingdom rush 2 (4)

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