Jan 30

Defeat the evil Head Chef in Sushi Cat 4


Have you experience watching a movie that involves a cat and sushi? Have you watched a television series where the main character is a cat who loves to eat a sushi? Maybe you are wondering why the questions were asked. The questions have similarities to the characteristics of the flash game being presented in this article. The name of the flash game is Sushi Cat 4 which is basically about a cat who always eats sushi. This game is already the fourth installment from the flash game series called Sushi Cat. You will find out more if you continue reading the article’s entirety.

This particular installment has a unique story. Sushi Cat and his wife decided to adapt a baby boy named Sushi Cat Jr. They are celebrating a significant day in the family and they decided to go out. While celebrating, Bacon Dog, the evil nemesis of the protagonist kidnaps the baby. It is the player’s mission to help the protagonist get back his baby from the evil one. If you are still curious about this game, you can search for its main website which is http://www.sushicat4.org.

Sushi Cat 4 (3)

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