Apr 10

Duck Life Space


Have you ever thought about life a duck leads in space? What would duck life be like in space? The environment will be completely different and all the things you see will be unique and rare which you have never seen before. Get ready to have the best galactic adventure in the world. Enjoy the most peaceful day ever with all the fame and fortune there is all around the world where the duck is the only racing champion. The game Duck Life Space (aka Duck Life 6) is full of unpredictable events and as can be assumed, suddenly, a wormhole materializes in the sky and in the middle of the sky an evil looking alien duck appears.

The duck is fond of bullying and is rather wicked so it no doubt that it will steal your hard-earned champion crown without any hesitation and immediately will fly off into space without leaving any trace behind. You are in trouble now and only you can think of a way to solve this issue and get it back as soon as possible.

In case you want to succeed in the game, and of course you want it, you can start trainings in running, flying, swimming, climbing, jumping and intelligence as well as you will need this skill in order to get back your crown which someone stole from you. Take your time to explore quite different exotic worlds in order to find new training games or maybe duck aliens to race. You always have the chance of getting in duck racing tournament as you might win a trip to another planet and this way get one step closer to your greatest goal ever.

The creators of the game have thought of a way to help you overcome the feeling of loneliness. Who said you are alone in this world? Nobody. You are not necessarily alone to get your crown back alone. Any time you are free to enter a shop and buy new partners for your duck racing team by making it way stronger and irresistible. Just like in Duck Life 5, you can buy clothes and accessories for your ducks or create and try our new hairstyles so that your ducks become the most stylish champions around.


What will be offered to you in this game?

To explore 6 quite different planets with their own species of alien ducks that are unique with their looks and actions. None is similar to the other. Creativity is put on every particle of the game. There are more than 30 different races you can enter and explore as many things as possible. Everywhere you will find something new as the creators of the game have paid a meticulous attention to every single detail in the game. You will be able to learn 6 quite different skills in the 24 mini games available as a training course for them to advance through the game.

Be creative and customize the ducks of the game with different kinds of hats, hairstyles, clothes and paints. Every single accessory can change the look and add uniqueness to the ducks performing in the game. The characters are adorable and cute and the outstanding graphics are worth seeing and admiring with addition to the captivating music accompanying the game and making it even more attractive and engaging.

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