May 24

Enjoy Playing Sky Wire 3


Sky Wire 3 is a good installment of the game series. In the game you have to take the passengers in a place using your chairlift. You have to play the game carefully because there will be lots of obstacles in the way and you should take the chairlift to the targeted place carefully without touching any of the obstacles. Play now for free.
You have to control the chairlift wisely otherwise you will fail to complete the game. Using the controls of the game you can easily play it. The controls of the game are up arrow, left arrow, right arrow and other easy controls. Pressing all these controls you can easily control the chairlift. The controls of the game are amazing. It is a multiplayer game so you and your friend can play the game together. After completing each of the levels your scores will turn into coins and using the coins you can upgrade your chairlift configuration for gaining more scores.

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