May 02

Fight and earn in Robot Rage


Robots’ dawn is upon the people in the battle and fighting game, named Robot Rage. You have to compete and fight against bots of other players in this death game, where only one winner can lead all. You will have chances to earn gold as well money, but how? Well, you must destroy your enemies by killing them and collect the pickups while fighting. The possibilities of destroying the robots are very high.
Apply all the skills you have related to robots and customize the nice battle machine and upgrade it using the right ways. You are free to buy different kinds of weapons, bodies, power-ups and defenses that suit you and your fighting style. Remember, with each stage you finish, more options to customize things will be unlocked. And keep this fact in your mind that your enemy is not an only thing you would be worried about, but a lot of other factors should be considered by you.

Robot Rage

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