Jul 06

Find the monkeys in Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3


If you are familiar with the flash game series Monkey Go Happy, you will be veey delighted to know about Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3. This is a spin off from the flash game series where players or avid followers of the series will have a continuation of adventure with the monkeys. It is rare to see and know that flash game series spin off exists bit there really is. Continue reading this whole content to be more familiar with this spin off game. The objective in this game is to solve puzzles presented in 6 different levels. But that is not only the catch because in each level, you must find corresponding numbers of mini monkeys totaling to 15.
For example, in level 1, you must find one mini monkey and then two in the next level up to the last until you are able to complete all 15. This spin off game will surely give you entertainment through its attractive features. If you want more details, just visit www.monkeysgohappyminimonkeys4.com/monkeys-go-happy-mini-monkeys-1.

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 3

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