Feb 25

Free your allies in Sieger 2 game.


Did you like Sieger 1 and now you are waiting for Sieger 2? Well, Congratulation!. The War Sparks and Armor Games’ team has brought the sequel just for you Sieger 2. This game could be the perfect choice for you if you like taking and breaking over castles, ruling out the enemies and looting the treasures. Check some images of this game here http://www.crushthecastle3.org/sieger-2/

The one and only important objective in this game is destroying the enemy castles using the limited quantity of shots that you can fire at them. At the same time، you will finish all the enemy units as well. Many treasure cabinets and challenges will be shown to you that can be plundered by you for additional credit while playing the game. Be careful! Some innocent people such as farmers have been captured by your enemies as hostages.

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