Jul 08

Kill the attacking dragons in Dragon Slayers 2


Dragons are legendary creatures, depicted as scaly and fire-spewing reptilians with serpentine and avian traits. A lot of movies, cartoons and games were created featuring them in different aspects. Some depicts them to be vicious and wild. Others show they can be tamed and be a friend to humans. In the game Dragon Slayers 2, they are the enemies attacking the castle. They are back to avenge their family and friends which were killed in the last dragon assault.

And your job is to defend the kingdom by killing these dangerous using the giant ballista. You will earn gold while killing the attacking dragons. Stronger dragons will attack as you level up. Use the earned gold to upgrade the ballista, repair your castle and recruit mages. Dragon Slayers 2 is an addicting shooting game where you also have to manage your men and your resources.


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