Jul 11

Lead the monkeys in Bloons Monkey City


Lead a group of monkeys to win a war against Bloons that are trying to occupy all the land. In Bloons Monkey City, you will expand your city, build different buildings and train monkeys to fight for you. Will you win against the Bloons? Or fail the monkeys and make the Bloons keep the world under them?

You play as the leader of the monkeys and you decide where to attack next and where to expand the city. In attacking, you are actually defending, the gameplay is like a tower-defense, wherein waves of enemies are aiming to a certain point, failing to do so, may cause you a life, let too many get through and you fail the mission. You will post some monkeys over the course that will pop those Bloons out before they can reach their end point. You need to place the monkeys strategically, where they can be effective and fully utilize their range. Misplacing a monkey can cost you a whole mission and the land where you plan to expand. After a successful attack, your city will expand, 1 tile, this will enable you to build a new building. Keep attacking, expanding and building your city until you push away all of Bloons in the area. As you go on in expanding your city, you will encounter stronger and faster Bloons, so you must also upgrade and train other monkey units to be prepared.

Bloons Monkey City (3)

You also need to login before you can play the game, of course this is a long strategy based game and you need an account to save your progress. There is also a chat box in the game where you can ask other players about things in the game or tips on how to expand your city fast. After a few hours playing Bloons Monkey City, you will definitely get addicted and will always be on hunt mode for those Bloons.

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