Jul 30

Learn different colors and shapes in Cake Mania 3


Ever dreamt of baking a cake for everybody? Now you can, in Cake Mania 3 you will be serving hungry customers that have a sweet tooth. Work as fast as you can in the kitchen so you can earn money for more equipment, upgrade the shop and ultimately bring back Jill’s grandparents cake shop. Help Jill to cook the best cake in the town.

You will start off baking cakes in Jill’s house until you expand and move on to a bigger building. You can control Jill by using only the mouse. Click on the things that she needs to do and she will do the rest. Earn cash to upgrade the shop so that as more customer come to your shop, you can still keep up and not make the customers wait for too long. The longer time for you to give a customer’s order, the less tip he will give to you, so you better pick up the pace, and get those rolling pins and oven cooking. There are some items or decorations that you can buy for the shop to lengthen the time a customer can wait. There are also things that can go south in the kitchen, baking a cake while another one is still in the cooling table can make a conflict, the first will be thrown out and that will be a deduction to the cash you earn. Stages are labeled as months so you will be working throughout the year with different customers from the respective celebrations for each month.

Cake Mania 3 (2)

Cake Mania is fun and educational for kids that are into cooking, the cake orders are classified on their shape and icing color. Youngsters can develop their skill in color and shape recognition as well as their hand and eye coordination. With Cake Mania 3 you can encourage your kids to study and learn while you get the chance to bond and have fun with them.

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