Jun 28

Manipulate colors in Color of Theory


Color of Theory is a flash game about colors. It is an example of a game which enables an individual to learn about the primary and secondary colors, specially, young individuals. It can serve as a learning tool for introducing colors to young minds. Games like these are very educational and multipurpose. It enable to give entertainment and at the same time, educate individuals and develop their sense of color. Color of Theory is a flash game which challenges players in an interesting puzzle. The objective of this game is to finish the color puzzle by clicking similar colors and reach the exit line to advance on the next level. There will be an introduction of the primary colors and secondary colors.
One just have to collect blocks of primary colors to eliminate the primary ones and same goes for the secondary colors. Players will have to focus on the timing as well because once it is mistimed, the puzzle will get tougher. Color of Theory is a perfect game for young individuals.

Color of Theory

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