Aug 02

Maze Game: AMAZEing


A simple game but will indeed push you to use your focus. Maze Game has lots of things in store for you, and a lot of surprises after finishing the game. Maze Game has 4 levels. The task is to go through the maze without touching the walls all over. If you accidentally touched the walls, you will go back to the first level. The obstacles are represented by different shapes.
The trick of this game is to make sure that you have your speakers turned on. Also, make sure that the speakers are set on its highest volume. The reward here will surely make your ass jump off your seat, literally. Once you reach the end of the last maze, an image of a bloody zombie will appear on your screen, which comes along with a horrendous scream. Enjoy this devious kind of entertainment. Maze Game is not recommended for people with heart problems.

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