Jul 19

Orcs are on the attack, Snipe their heads off in Horde Siege


Defend the castle at all cost! Not even a single orc shall pass you and get to the gate in Horde Siege. Showcase your skills in bow and arrow, as well in decision making. Steady your hand and anticipate where your enemy will be after taking a couple of steps. Reinforcements will come after 25 days, but you must defend the castle until they arrive. Hordes of orc will try to take down the castle gate, you will be sniping them one by one before they can even come close. Hold the left click to draw an arrow, and release it to fire.

Since every orc is moving you will need to fire it in a spot where they will be after a few seconds. There are orcs that are heavily armored and those who run very fast. You need to create your own technique to easily eliminate them. There are also battering rams and explosive carts that you must need to neutralize as they can deal critical damage to the gate. Upgrade your weapons and there are also other add-ons that can help you defend the gate like an arrow shower or a catapult fire. Horde siege is one action game that will really get you addicted. Save your progress and load it again if you are having difficulty or have short amount of gaming time.

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