Jul 08

Kill the attacking dragons in Dragon Slayers 2

Dragons are legendary creatures, depicted as scaly and fire-spewing reptilians with serpentine and avian traits. A lot of movies, cartoons and games were created featuring them in different aspects. Some depicts them to be vicious and wild. Others show they can be tamed and be a friend to humans. In the game Dragon Slayers 2, they are the enemies attacking the castle. They are back to avenge their family and friends which were killed in the last dragon assault.

And your job is to defend the kingdom by killing these dangerous using the giant ballista. You will earn gold while killing the attacking dragons. Stronger dragons will attack as you level up. Use the earned gold to upgrade the ballista, repair your castle and recruit mages. Dragon Slayers 2 is an addicting shooting game where you also have to manage your men and your resources.


Jun 25

Survive the zombie apocalypse in Earn to Die 4

Are you looking for a game that consists zombies, cars, weapons and virtual money? If yes, then the game you are looking for is right here in this page. It is called Earn to Die 4. This is the fourth version or installment from the flash game series called Earn to Die. This edition is very unique among the other past versions of the series. The one feature that makes this game unique is the presence of a timer or a clock. The objective of this game is to reach the goal line before the time runs out.


Included in the objective is the smashing, crushing and bumping of zombies lurking on your way with the use of four types of vehicles available like a highway patrol car, a patrol transport van, a traffic enforcement truck and a standard police car. The player must be able to unleash his or her driving and smashing skills to accomplish the levels of this game. Every time that you are able to reach a new distance record, you will have the chance to avail certain upgrades in terms of your vehicle or weapon wanted. Visit www.earntodie4.org for more information.

Jun 14

Be the defender or offender in Man or Monster

Do you have an idea what Man or Monster is? If not, then you are fortunate enough to be reading this article because it exactly presents certain details about the mentioned games. Man or Monster is a flash game that involves a lot of shooting action and weapons with an extraordinary gameplay. But before we go on the details, let us briefly tackle two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is because of the graphics and design that add up to the entertainment value of the entire game.

Second is because of the option that you will be choosing in between which is connected to the title. Going back to the main topic, you will be going on an adventure in different cities around the world. The unique thing about this particular game is the chance for you to play as a monster hunter or a man eater. If you opted to be the former, then your goal or objective is to defeat the monsters with the shooting and bombing weapons provided in the game. If you opted to be the latter, then your objective is to create destruction towards the land of mankind.

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Jun 04

Engage with the difficulty brought by The Worlds Hardest Game

They say that if you are able to hurdle the hardest thing in life, you are considered as a survivor. It is definitely true because you will not be able to survive anything if you didn’t give your best to hurdle the hardest part of everything. But this is quite tough to accomplish in the gaming world. It is no surprise that game creators focused on creating games that will really challenge the players to their limits. They are not only maintaining the aesthetic and entertainment factor but also the worth or value of the game.

One good example is the flash game called The Worlds Hardest Game. This is created by Snubby Land and has been giving fun and challenge since 2008. The goal in this game is to control and guide the red square as it passes through different platforms in the game. There will be moving objects and the usual hinders that you are going to overcome are the blue balls that move in any direction. If the red square touches the balls, you will die. Make sure that you are calm and focus on reaching the green safe area.


May 20

Capture the opponents’ barracks in Clone Wars

Clone Wars is a flash game about war and action. This has been serving great and exciting entertainment since 2008. It is created and developed by Elite Games. There are three things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the graphics and designs that are appealing, attractive and fit to the aim of this game. Second are the characters that you will be controlling or engaging with which are out of this world in terms of appearance and abilities. Last is the game play itself which is about strategy, tactics and aggressiveness.

The story in this game is that you are tasked to capture and infiltrate the opponents’ territory in an unknown location. Your goal is to carefully release your clones in order to reach the targets and infiltrate their barracks. Focus and strategy will help you win in this game. Try playing Clone Wars now and have fun!


May 10

A game made available in different gadgets with Red Remover App

Red Remover App is a new edition from the game series called Red Remover. Do you have an idea why it is called Red Remover App? The reason is because of the fact that it is now made available in different gadgets such as Ipad, Ipod and other Android gadgets. There are two great things about this application. First is because of the comfort that it brings to players who want to play this game anytime and anywhere. Second is because of the entertainment that it brings to gamers during their free time and when boredom strikes.


If you want to know more about this app, you just have to continue reading the content now! Go and see this! Red Remover App is the upgraded version of the game called Red Remover. The mission of the gamers is to erase all the red shapes or objects from the screen by clicking on them and other different ways possible. Make sure that you remove all the red ones but retain the green or blue ones.

Apr 30

Build powerful defense and create formidable troops in Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom Rush 2 is the second edition from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is created and developed by Ironhide Game Studios. It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2011. This game is already the second installment which means that this is the one that will continue the story and game play that the first one has left off.

Kingdom rush 2 (4)

The situation in this game is that the King has heard rumors of invasion. You will be assigned the knight who will lead the defensive and offensive department of the Kingdom. You will have to build walls and barracks for defense. You will have to train troops for offense. You will be successful in this game if you are able to unleash great tactics and strategy. If you want to refresh your memory about this game, try this website for enrichment purposes. This game is perfect for young and adult gamers out there.

Apr 20

Unleash your out of this world creativity in Create a Monster

Do you believe in monsters? Have you seen one before? If not, then it is fine. Monsters are considered fictional in the sense that they are not proven to be existing. There are pictures and videos existing featuring creatures that are like monsters but most of them are proven to be fake or unreal. Nevertheless, monsters are great theme or characters in different entertainment medium such as television series, flash games and movies. Monsters are either created by the curious minds of people or deception.

Create A Monster

This content is about a flash game that features a monster. The name of the game is Create a Monster. The rules in this game is quite simple. You just have to create your desired or preferred monster. There are body parts presented in which you have to choose whatever you like and combine it with another part to create your monster. You can also choose the color to make them look lively.

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