Apr 06

A leveled up adventure in Rich Cars 5

Rich Cars 5 is the fifth and final installment from the game series called Rich Cars. Since this is already the fifth serving, players can expect for more challenging gameplay and exciting adventures. The story in this game is still the same with the previous editions which is about criminals going at it on the race tracks using stolen vintage cars.


Your goal is to mingle with them as well as join their competition on the race track. There are things that you should look forward into playing this game. First is the different tracks that you must finish to advance on each level. Second is the enemies and police chasing you which serve as great obstacles on the game. You should be able to finish the tracks before the time runs out as well as collect upgradeable items as many as you can. Play it here now and have a blast racing.

Mar 08

Be the fabulous hairstylist in Barbie Real Haircuts

Barbie is one of the most beloved doll in the entire world. Every girl or most girls have experienced playing this beautiful toy once in their lives or up to this date. There are two reasons why this doll is very popular. First is because of the beauty that it has which represents the physical beauty of women around the world. Second is because of the fact that girls can establish the sense of style by playing with Barbie like dressing her up with fabulous stuffs.

barbie real haircuts (1)

This article presents a flash game that is connected or rather incorporate Barbie. The name of the game is Barbie Real Haircuts. From the title, you can guess or sense that it has something to do with hairstyling. This is an easy game where the players’ main objective is to clearly follow the given instructions in the game screen. Make Barbie the most beautiful doll ever by unleashing your skills in hairstyling. Utilize all the tools for the hairdressing process.

Feb 27

A challenging adventure found in Truck Loader 4

Are you familiar with Physics-based games? They are the ones that incorporate basic Physics and Science in the gameplay. There are two things that gamers can acquire by playing this kind of games. First is the awareness that being brought to young ones in terms of exposing them in different basic information related to Physics and Science. Second is because they give gamers the chance to challenge themselves and test their limits in solving and finding answers to the situation given. One great example is the flash game called Truck Loader 4.

This is the fourth installment from the game series called Truck Loader. Your mission as the player in this game is to deliver the boxes spread out in the platform. You will have to utilize the forklift truck to deliver the boxes on the big truck. There are 30 challenging levels that you can play with this particular installment.

truck loader 4 (5)

Feb 20

Utilize the Shift key in Shift 3

Shift 3 is the third installment from the flash game series called Shift. This is the type of game series that incorporates a lot of shifting between dimensions which is quite interesting and disorienting at the same time. It is interesting because of the involvement of the shift key which is integral to be successful in the game. It is also disorienting due to the fact that there will be platforms and levels where the setup is upside down which is also confusing. Your goal as the player in this game is to control Mr. Shift in his third adventure.


You will have to control and navigate him until he reaches the next door towards the next level. But doing this maybe easy for some levels but there are others that you need to use the shift key before you can actually move forward. If you want to play this game, you can simply search for it online now!

Feb 07

Target the basket with the highest price in Ping Ball

One great feature of a unique flash game is the presence of surprise. A good example is the flash game called Ping Ball. Do you have an idea about this particular game? If your answer is a no, you can simply rely on the entirety of this game. Ping Ball is an infusion of two games. Those two games are Ping Pong and Pinball. Both contains balls that people are very much familiar with. You will love this game because of two reasons. First is because of the graphics that are attractive and appealing. Second is because of the challenge brought by the infusion of the two games.

The mechanics of this game is pretty simple. The player will be given ping pong balls in which he or she will drop it on the pinball-like machine where buckets with corresponding points are presented. Make sure that you will be able to target the basket or bucket that includes the highest points so you can successfully finish this one of a kind game.


Jan 30

Defeat the evil Head Chef in Sushi Cat 4

Have you experience watching a movie that involves a cat and sushi? Have you watched a television series where the main character is a cat who loves to eat a sushi? Maybe you are wondering why the questions were asked. The questions have similarities to the characteristics of the flash game being presented in this article. The name of the flash game is Sushi Cat 4 which is basically about a cat who always eats sushi. This game is already the fourth installment from the flash game series called Sushi Cat. You will find out more if you continue reading the article’s entirety.

This particular installment has a unique story. Sushi Cat and his wife decided to adapt a baby boy named Sushi Cat Jr. They are celebrating a significant day in the family and they decided to go out. While celebrating, Bacon Dog, the evil nemesis of the protagonist kidnaps the baby. It is the player’s mission to help the protagonist get back his baby from the evil one. If you are still curious about this game, you can search for its main website which is http://www.sushicat4.org.

Sushi Cat 4 (3)

Jan 12

Help Sneaky Dex find his way out

If you love solving puzzle games and you are fond of playing strategy games, you will surely enjoy playing Sneaky Dex. It is a flash game with a futuristic concept. It is a puzzle game that involves strategies. The main character is Dex, a sneaky robot. Help Sneaky Dex find the keys to the portals to level up. Collect all the coins too for an excellent grade.


And when you get forty coins, you can have access to the vault. Use the arrow keys to control Sneaky Dex; right and left arrows to go right or left, up arrow to jump and down arrow to pick up or put down an item. You can only hold one item at a time. Press space bar to throw away the item you are holding. Sneaky Dex is a fun and adventure game. It is a simple game but addicting.

Jan 03

Double the fun and horror in Scary Maze Game 2

Do you know that there are different types of flash games existing at the moment? Do you have an idea why such occurence happened? If you are clueless, it is ok because you will eventually be given explanation as you read this whole article. The reason behind the categories of games is to give players options on what to choose. If they prefer action, there are action packed games. If you prefer dress up, there are stylish flash games. If you prefer thrilling ones, then there are racing games. If you like an entertaining and a scary one, then you will surely like the game presented in this article which is called Scary Maze Game 2.

This is already the second offering from the flash game series called Scary Maze Game. This game features a series of maze where the player has to navigate a specific dot through different designs and forms of maze. The scary thing or part in this game happens when the player touch the walls. There will be creepy images that will pop out so make sure that you are prepared. Find its main website so you can see and try this amazingly scary flash game.

Scary Maze Game 2 (4)

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