Feb 13

Pancho’s Adventure Continues in Amigo Pancho 2


The second edition of the Amigo Pancho is back with more fun and entertainment. So all the amigo fans, be ready to play the second edition of the amazing flash game series. The Amigo Pancho 2 is loved by many players. This game is available online and can be played on any computer or laptop.

The second version of this game is more fun and exciting than the first edition and you can be ready to help your friend Pancho again to survive the dangers. Get set and fly with the Pancho and his powered filled balloons. Help him reach his dreams in this game by using your skills of problem solving and prevent the balloons from getting popped by the alien enemies. The mouse clicking will help you to click on the wooden boxes and prevent the deadly spikes from hitting the balloons. Let’s be ready to have some fun with your friends and show them Amigo Pancho 2, the most exciting game play ever.

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