Apr 18

Play Fancy Pants World 1


There are lots of games on the internet which are not very funny. If you want to enjoy a funny game you can play the Fancy Pants World 1. The game is funny because of the story of the game. It is the first installment of the game series and the previous one was also very popular like this game. Don’t miss the game, play now.
Fancy Pants World 1 is an excellent game which is made with the flash platform. The game has lots of fun in the game. When you will start to play the game you will laugh because of the actions of the angry bunnies. The angry bunnies are trying to steal ice cream from your store. The angry bunnies are very fast to steal the ice cream. The ice creams are very valuable to you and you have to save them. You must play very attentively to save the ice creams.

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