Feb 23

Play Trollface Quest 2


Trollface Quest 2 is a sequel of Trollface Quest 1. The second installment has basic changes keeping the main story of the game same. The game is a combined game of puzzle and strategy games which made this game so much interesting. So, play now the game to enjoy some time.
In Trollface Quest 2 a stick man is the main character who is standing outside of a cabin where the weather is too much cold as it is winter. Your task is to help the stick man. You have to help him to go inside the cabin to become warm. You will find a thermometer in the game screen and when you will click on it the temperate will start rising. You have to do all these things very quickly, if you make delay the stick man will die. On the other hand if you don’t stop the rising temperature it will cause a fire which will end the game.

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