Nov 13

Play Vex 1


If you are looking for a challenging skill game which you can play online, be one of the millions of players of Vex. It is one of the most successful adventure skill games online. See how much time you will be able to pass each and every Act.


In playing Vex 1, you start with the Tutorial Stage. Said stage serves as an introduction to the gameplay. In this stage, you will also learn how to control the stick figure. You will be familiarized with the controls used in the game. And you will also be taught on how to do some actions like jumping up on high walls and passing through narrow ways.

The Tutorial Stage is followed by eight challenging Acts. Levels in Vex are called Acts. In each Act, your goal is to find the exit door of the Act. However, the way to the exit door is not that safe. Highly dangerous and deadly obstacles are scattered through your way. Make sure not to touch them for they will kill you instantly. Fortunately for you if you have passed through a checkpoint. When you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed through or to the beginning of the Act. Checkpoints are those little flags you will be seeing along your way.

Another mode to play Vex 1 is the Stage Builder mode. In this mode, you get the chance to construct your own Act. However, you have to play the pre-developed game first to unlock building packs which you will use in building your very own stage. The more building packs you unlock, the more tools you can use. Simply finish the pre-developed game to unlock all building packs. Once you are done with the construction of your own stage, you can share it with your friends by sending them the code, or you can email it to the game developers so it can be include in the Vex community. The Vex community is the collection of stages constructed by players all over the world.

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