Jul 08

Portal Flash Game – The Art of Teleporting!


All the people who have played the video game Portal will hold the same opinion that it is the best game ever to play. The gameplay is one-of-a-kind as the player needs to find out ways to move from one portal to another. The puzzles in the game baffle the mind and one really needs to think hard while playing. The PC version of the game had a short duration of 5 hours. However, the Portal Flash game comes with 40 puzzling levels. And the fact is there are multiple ways to get through a level. This game will surely enhance your spatial skills. Players will notice that even the 2D game exhibits dark humor. The voice-over artists have done a fantastic job in keeping up with the standard maintained by the PC version. The flash version has similar characters and gameplay as the original game. Play it once and you won’t be disappointed.

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