Dec 11

Protect the wobbly tower in Japanese Jello Game


Are you familiar with a Japanese Jello? It is very similar to the jelly that we usually eat as dessert. The only difference is the way it is made which is in a Japanese way that is why it is called Japanese Jello. Do you know that there is a flash game that tackles or features this Japanese dessert? Yes! It is actually called Japanese Jello Game.


There are two reasons why you will love this cute and unique flash game. First is because of the jello itself which is wobbly and delicate to handle which serves as the main challenge for the players. Second reason is that it is a stacking game, which requires logic and strategy to pull through with it. There are five levels in this game where the player’s mission is to stack the jello and wack off the excess part of the wobbly tower to protect it from falling down. This game is very slimy or wobbly so the player must move or wack meticulously to finish the game successfully. Your score will really depend on how high your tower is and how long it will last.

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