Jul 03

Real fright now in scary maze 6!


This sequel is new and it helps you to improve your focus/concentration as well. It is a must best game ever! Just like the other sequels, you simply have to move your ball through the maze and see to it that it does not touch the sideways. In case the ball touches your walls, as the passages are narrower here, you would need to start your game from level 1, even if you were on the verge of finishing the game! All you need is the PC mouse. No usage of keyboard keys or anything else. There are 5 levels, each getting tougher than the previous one, finish them all to get the bonus level. In the 1st level, you have a maze of ‘S’ shape, while 2nd level gives you an ‘M’ shaped maze. 3rd level offers you a randomly curving passage. 4 & 5 levels give you more challenges! Be careful and finish the game to get more challenges!

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