Jun 13

Spank the Monkey for more than 144 miles per hour!


Are you up for a crazy game? Are you up for a game that’s crazy and involves crazy monkeys too? Well, if you said yest to both questions, then Spank the Monkey might just be the game that you’re looking for. In Spank the Monkey, you have to spank the monkey in the fastest speed you can! to do this, just click the spanking hand then drag it towards your monkey. Got 55 miles per hour? That’s slow. 70? You can do better! In fact, I was able to spank my monkey at 144 miles per hour. How awesome is that? If you want to play the game, no link can be provided for you. However, this game is available in plenty of sites online.

Though there is no link, be sure to play this fun game. Spank the Monkey is waiting for you and your strongest spank. Can you beat my record?

Spank the Monkey

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