Feb 07

Target the basket with the highest price in Ping Ball


One great feature of a unique flash game is the presence of surprise. A good example is the flash game called Ping Ball. Do you have an idea about this particular game? If your answer is a no, you can simply rely on the entirety of this game. Ping Ball is an infusion of two games. Those two games are Ping Pong and Pinball. Both contains balls that people are very much familiar with. You will love this game because of two reasons. First is because of the graphics that are attractive and appealing. Second is because of the challenge brought by the infusion of the two games.

The mechanics of this game is pretty simple. The player will be given ping pong balls in which he or she will drop it on the pinball-like machine where buckets with corresponding points are presented. Make sure that you will be able to target the basket or bucket that includes the highest points so you can successfully finish this one of a kind game.


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