Feb 04

The Nurse Needs a Makeover with Pretty Nurse Makeover


Pretty Nurse Makeover is another girl’s game which is really loved by many girls who love to play it almost every day. You know what there is a serious style emergency, the nurse needs a makeover. Let’s help her by giving her a wonderful makeover. With our help the nurse can look beautiful and feel her best.
The Pretty Nurse Makeover can be one of your favourite flash games because it is just too adorable to give a makeover. You just need to try out this fun game and the game play is just too easy, just click on the items placed on the dressing table and one by one apply it one the nurse’s face. Firstly put a mask and clean it with a towel, then add some powder, apply a mud mask and clean and tweeze the eyebrows in the last. There it is you are done, the nurse is ready to go.

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