Apr 20

Unleash your out of this world creativity in Create a Monster


Do you believe in monsters? Have you seen one before? If not, then it is fine. Monsters are considered fictional in the sense that they are not proven to be existing. There are pictures and videos existing featuring creatures that are like monsters but most of them are proven to be fake or unreal. Nevertheless, monsters are great theme or characters in different entertainment medium such as television series, flash games and movies. Monsters are either created by the curious minds of people or deception.

Create A Monster

This content is about a flash game that features a monster. The name of the game is Create a Monster. The rules in this game is quite simple. You just have to create your desired or preferred monster. There are body parts presented in which you have to choose whatever you like and combine it with another part to create your monster. You can also choose the color to make them look lively.

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