Oct 05

Win with your favorite horse in Horse Eventing 3


Horse eventing 3 is one of the best quality 3D horse games. In this game, you can measure the bonding you have with your animal. With the coordination of a horse and a rider, you can make a nice jump at the checkpoints, you will not hit any barrels and will win the race. If your horse is happy enough, you can make easy stunts, quick turns and you can move like a real champion.


For your own pleasure, get the horse of your choice, give him or her a lovely name. Start the racing game depending on the open star of your level, regional, national or international. During the race, collect coins as many as you can. Use your earned coins in dressing and grooming your horse up later in the game. Do not forget to feed your horse in between the event. Good luck! Enjoy! Collect your trophies now.

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