Apr 30

Wonderful Hunting Game-Pinata Hunter 1


Pinata Hunter 1 is the sequel of this popular game series. It is really a wonderful game that you can play as long as you want for passing very good time. In the game you have to hunt the piñatas and collect the candies. Check out this great game here http://www.pinatahunter3.com/pinata-hunter-1.
Pinata Hunter 1 is a very simple game with the some useful weapons to attack the piñatas. You can have access to the chainsaw that you can use to clean the area. You have to use the weapon to kill the piñatas. After killing a piñatas you can collect candy from it. You have to kill basically three piñatas. It is a great online game that will give you lots of fun and by playing it you can pass a wonderful time. Just start to play it online and enjoy your time with it. Play it right now and have lots of fun.


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